So I sort of gently strong-armed artist Ricky Fang into generating this pic of Phoebe. Ricky (aka Hooksnfangs) is one of my favorite artists. He has a slightly similar style to mine, but with a rad, hard-edged graffiti twist to it, and he knows how to draw the gorgeous dames with the best of them.

When he put out the invitation to do quick sketch swaps, I immediately pounced. Instead of a 15 minute sketch, though, I put a bit more work into my pic of his character, and because he’s a nice guy, he reciprocated.

It was his personal choice to draw Phoebe wearing what he affectionately refers to as her ‘impossible shirt’. I’ve told him that the shirt is, indeed, possible. It’s just highly improbable. Though I do admit, his picture makes the shirt look a bit more improbable than usual.

I’m very happy.

Mr. Fang, by the way, qualifies as one of the few people on Earth to own a Puck t-shirt. He has the photo to prove it:

Thank you, Mr. Fang. You are a gentleman and an artist.