I’ve got a bunch of recent fan art to feature this week, all of it very unique!

In the top left is the only piece of Puck fan art I’ve ever received in person. That’s right: someone handed this to me on a real sheet of paper! NOT over the interwebs! That someone is Anna, a student of mine – one of the few who figured out about my secret identity. I’m not worried, though. She’s one of the cool ones.

Second up is a sequel to a previous piece by CD Rudd from SailorSun.org. It’s the war of the Canadian fictional breastaurants! Or something like that.

Third is an … interesting piece by super-fan Susan Schroeder and her bf. Apparently she twisted his arm into generating this work depicting Daphne finally getting her comeuppance for all her many petty crimes. Or something like that. I’m not asking any questions.