This week I’m profiling another webcomic by Mike Williams, a good comic friend of mine. Deak Sledge is … not at all like Puck. At all. But it’s really, really good.

Mike’s work hearkens back to the serialized crime strip comics of the 1950’s. Many readers might not even know anything about those old comics, but Mike’s artwork beautifully echoes the hard shadows, harsh lighting and noir atmosphere of that forgotten genre. Deak Sledge is a tough detective, and his life is NOIR AS F***. He’s the kind of dude who’s always got an inner monologue running, even during a fist fight. I respect that in a man.

It’s dark, edgy, and about as tonally different from Puck as you can get, but if you have any affinity for film noir, detective stories or the grittier side of the comic world’s past, it’s a must-read.

Go check it out! And tell ’em Gecko sent ya!