Welcome to another edition of Gecko Recommends, a running feature where I do a little profile of webcomics I really, really like.

Today’s comic is Kay and P, by the uber-talented Jackie Musto (aka AnjitheLost).

What makes Kay and P work? Let me describe this in recipe format. Take killer concept – girl who lives with a supernatural skeleton that only she can see. Add intelligent writing which never, EVER plays dumb and allows the characters to be intelligent and unique. Mix in some of the best comic art going – lavishly painted, creatively arranged pages that manage to tell the story while also serving as eye candy. Throw in a dash of the ridiculously sexy, add a pinch of cool monsters, and you have Kay and P.

Kay is a college-age girl who has been friends with P (the skeleton in her closet) since she was a child. But don’t get this concept wrong; this ain’t no allegory for everyday life presented in some cute fashion, where P represents her ‘personal burdens’ or something. P’s a real, honest-to-goodness supernatural being, even if no one else can see him. Mostly no one else.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. The comic doesn’t rush these characters, and it actually shows the real problems that Kay goes through while living this bizarre reality. P’s a great friend (sort of an adorable C3P0-like domestic type who gets a little fussy at times), but Kay suffers for her loyalty to him. Everyone thinks she’s the crazy girl who speaks to herself. Because no one can see P. Until … well, you’ll have to read the comic to find out.

Jackie Musto is one of the best artists in webcomics right now. Just look at her stuff, man. And if comics about sky pirates are more your thing, check out her other comic (which is written by some other dude but illustrated by Jackie) Lady Skylark. The expressions on her characters’ faces constantly crack me up. Her backgrounds are painterly and wonderfully atmospheric. And her sexy-type people are very, very sexy.

I have nothing else to say other than GO READ KAY AND P NOW!!!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Puck would look like if she were drawn by Jackie, here’s your answer:

The above picture hurts me with its goodness. If only I could somehow fire myself and hire Jackie as my replacement. (I dreamed a dream…)