Every once in a while, I like to take a glance at the words and phrases that lead people to this site through the various available search engines. Some of them are mundane and common sense, but some of them are honestly freaking hilarious. To that end, I’m listing some of the top search queries that led people to my site over the past week. And I am NOT making any of this up.

Some of the more popular search queries:

puck comic, puck webcomic, puck comics etc.
This makes sense. Obviously. No questions here. Someone is obviously familiar with my comic and is hunting for the URL.

pregnant webcomic
Uh … yeah. I guess there are some people out there looking for that sort of thing. Not sure whether they’re pleased with what they find. Not sure I want to know the extent of their pleasure.

pragnant puck
You read that right: PRAGNANT PUCK. Not pregnant. The weirdest part? Multiple people searched for this exact term!!! Because poor literacy is cool.

puck costume ideas
I don’t think my comic would help these people much, unless they want to win the ‘obscure webcomic character costume’ award at the Halloween party.

tony stark nude
WHAT? I mean … WHAT?!? Seriously, how did my comic come up in this search list, and how far down the list was it? They (and yes, multiple people searched for this term and somehow found my comic) must have been scrolling through pages and pages of ‘tony stark nude’ search queries to come to me. The less I know about that, the happier I am.

star trek body paint cosplay
I understand why certain people would be looking for this, but they must have been very disappointed when they got to my site.

puck from real world
This one confuses me on a philosophical level. What, indeed, is the real world? What constitutes a Puck from the real world? Must it, by definition, be a hockey puck, or a dishwasher puck? What is real and what is not? Red pill or blue pill? So many questions.

My friends hot mom naket comics com
Not sure whether this is the name of a real comic or not, but if it is, the creator is an absolute genius. Though I’m presuming that ‘naket’ is a spelling error. Maybe it’s not.

puck naked
This one always shows up in the top search lists for my site. In this case, I’m really not sure whether the searcher is looking for our Puck sans garments, or some other Puck sans garments, or whether the searcher is just misspelling the phrase ‘buck naked.’ I, for one, find all of the above concepts very amusing.

There are many more, but some of them are too foul to list. Search engines: connecting creepy people to creepy media since the internet began.