New Weekly Voting Incentive: PUCK AND THE GANG GO TO RIVERDALE!!!

For a long time, people have noted that Puck plays out a little like a demented version of Archie, so I thought, “Why not?” This month, a vote for Puck on TWC gets you a look at my progress on a Puck and Phoebe Double Digest cover!


As for this comic…

Hey, look! Two male characters are talking to each other! You might have noticed that this is a relatively rare occurrence in this comic. I’m proud to say that the Puck archive passes the Bechdel test quite frequently. At a glance, I counted about 113 strips where two female characters converse about something other than a male character. It’s the reverse Bechdel test (two males conversing about something other than a female) where this comic usually fails. Only 13 strips in the entire run vaguely come close to passing reverse Bechdel test, and almost all of those are the ‘Sigmund and Satan’ comics. Maybe I missed a few, though. Feel free to count!

I’m not even sure if this particular comic qualifies for passing the reverse Bechdel test, but I’ll include it in the count because their conversation is ostensibly about a shower, which, technically speaking, is not a female character. So that makes 14.

Of course, this bias toward female conversation in Puck has less to do with forward thinking or gender equality than it does with my penchant for drawing girls and my general discomfort with male social patterns. And though many of my comics theoretically pass the Bechdel test, I feel like some should be disqualified on account of the female characters wearing bikinis.

That said, I never write anything to pass some form of test. I write the comic because… Well, I… Why do I write this comic anyway? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.