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As for this comic…

I don’t think this rainbow gateway into the land of childhood fun exists anymore. It did exist in the 80’s, though. The original arch had ‘Hanna Barbera Land’ written on it, and it let you know that you were entering a wacky world of pintsize fun. I was Googling images of the old Hanna Barbera Land and a flood of memories came back: Barney Burgers, Scooby Doo’s Ghoster Coaster, and good times. Hanna Barbera studios waned in its presence, though, and the land was rebranded. A few times. I’m not even sure what they’re on now.

On the subject of power cutting, I have to say that I’m always amazed by the ease with which characters in movies can always cut the power to buildings or things when required. It’s always some variation of the ‘Obi-Wan powers down the tractor beam’ thing, with some clearly labelled manual switch in an easily accessible area. I’d say it isn’t realistic, but I really don’t have much experience with cutting power to public buildings and facilities, so who knows? Maybe it is that easy.