Every month I run a voting incentive, and every month fans have one question on their minds: “IS IT CHEESECAKE?” If that’s your question, then this is your month! Vote for Puck on TWC! See cheesecake! GUARANTEED!


As for this comic…

This is one of those cases where I didn’t have a really killer joke, but I had two possible punch lines that were both kind of ‘heh’ instead of ‘HAH’. So I decided to drop both potential punch lines in one comic, thinking two hehs might equal a hah. Not sure if my laugh math is right, but I was never very good at math.

This is another case where I drew a whole bunch of crap for the background that never made it into the panel. I consistently forget how crammed my panels are. There’s often very little space left around the characters and the word bubbles. Oh well. I drew a few good shots of some dude in a shark mascot costume a while ago, and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to stick them in somewhere! Maybe next week, I guess. There’s always next week.

Note: lemonade from those lemonade stands shaped like a lemon are always so good that they’re almost worth the five bucks they charge for a small lemonade. Almost. And that’s saying a lot.