A NEW VOTING INCENTIVE COMIC (generated by me and my six year-old daughter)!!!

After watching a Reading Rainbow episode about comic artists, my daughter really wanted to try her hand at the process. This is the result: a comic co-written and colored by her, with my fantastic brush doing the ink. (Her watercolor job is actually better than my contribution, IMHO.)

You get a new THRILLING page each week, so you don’t want to miss it! I mean, the plot! It’s so … yeah.


As for this comic…

I felt that I needed to establish the actual location (and actual safety) of Miranda fairly soon after she went missing, because everything’s less funny when there’s a missing baby. When there’s a found baby that a character thinks is missing, that’s comedy.

And I’m really tired of this whole jail thing. Working around those bars, visually speaking, is a pain in the bum.