A NEW VOTING INCENTIVE COMIC (generated by me and my six year-old daughter)!!!

After watching a Reading Rainbow episode about comic artists, my daughter really wanted to try her hand at the process. This is the result: a comic co-written and colored by her, with my fantastic brush doing the ink. (Her watercolor job is actually better than my contribution, IMHO.)

You get a new THRILLING page each week, so you don’t want to miss it! I mean, the plot! It’s so … yeah.


As for this comic…

I came up with the final draft of Daphne’s concluding lines in this comic exactly five minutes before posting. Sometimes it’s like that. If you can believe it, previous drafts featured two different Sonic the Hedgehog jokes. I bailed on them because I thought they were a little too esoteric. If one can apply the word ‘esoteric’ to a blue hedgehog.

Next week marks the long delayed return to Puck and Phoebe. Which is a good thing in this here webcomic that claims to mainly be a comic about Puck and Phoebe.