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As for this comic…

For some of you who previously said, “I hope this isn’t where this arc is going,” guess what! It’s going there!

To clarify (because I mentioned it before but it should be said again), what follows is largely autobiographical. The next arc is based on real life experience. Which I suppose you can consider a bit of a spoiler, because yes, Colin comes out the other side okay, because I obviously lived to make this comic. But fear not: for those worrying that this is a tonal shift too drastic for a comic like this, I’ll be keeping it suitably ridiculous as I am usually wont to do.

I learned from TV Tropes that Puck loosely falls into the genre of ‘Life Embellished’, where the core themes and stories are basically based in real life, but there’s a heavy overlay of crazy, wacky crap on top. So sometimes the stories hook more toward the embellishment; other times, they hook more toward life. This one’s just more the latter.

And for the record, the doctor did not offer me monster truck stickers after telling me. I did, though, immediately go out to the toy store and buy a large red Lego truck after the diagnosis. I explained the reasoning to my wife later that night: “Well, today wasn’t all bad,” I said. “On the bad side, I was diagnosed with cancer. But on the plus side, I got a Lego truck.”

Sometimes I have impeccable logic.