Follow along as I draw the cover for Puck Volume 2! The second entry is up now, so…



I recently put a bunch of work into updating the PDF collection of voting incentive images, and the results are finally assembled! This new PDF volume contains all the voting incentives from 2011 all the way to 2017 (including some that never even ran) in a print-ready high resolution! That’s almost 200 pages of stuff! So if you’d like to buy a copy, please do!

As for this comic…

Whoooooooo boy. This comic almost killed me.

And you wouldn’t think it, looking at the dang thing, because (let’s face it) it doesn’t have more visual impact than any other comics. But the added work of drawing, inking and coloring the complex backgrounds added a good eight or ten hours to my process. If this sounds like an awful lot of time for what it is, let me remind you of two very important facts: 1) I am slow at what I do, and 2) I am not very good at what I do, which slows me down even further.

Anyway, I need to calm down and rest a bit. I could really go for a drink … except I stopped drinking almost a decade ago. Oh well.

More nerd humor in this one. Another Star Wars ref, and another shot at Sonic. Other possibilities instead of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog fans’ included ‘Dragonball Z fans’ and ‘Digimon fans’. In fact, I had a comic totally finished and worded that had a very different target. I’m posting it on my Patreon feed soon. Let me know which one you thought was funnier.

Also, if you want a better look at the nerd background, and all the nerdy details, again you can check the my Patreon feed. It’s all going to be popping up there.