Volume Two cover pics keep on coming, so…



I recently put a bunch of work into updating the PDF collection of voting incentive images, and the results are finally assembled! This new PDF volume contains all the voting incentives from 2011 all the way to 2017 (including some that never even ran) in a print-ready high resolution! That’s almost 200 pages of stuff! So if you’d like to buy a copy, please do!

As for this comic…

Tyler refers to the ‘junior prom’ coming up. That’s what I’m going to call this event for this arc but honestly, I’m just using the term because I think it’s a phrase that Americans are most familiar with.

I have yet to encounter a Canadian school that runs something called a junior prom. In fact, around these parts, the term ‘junior’ means something entirely different. Stateside, ‘junior’ refers specifically to students in their third year of high school (grade eleven). Around here, ‘junior’ refers to students in grades nine and ten, as opposed to the ‘senior’ grades, eleven and twelve.

I have yet to encounter a Canadian school that runs an actual ‘junior prom’. Rather most schools (like mine) will run a semi-formal dance for all grades simply called ‘the semi-formal’. In practice, it’s basically junior prom without all of the prom trappings. But in an attempt to not confuse my American readers (who account for 90% of my readership), I’m calling this thing a junior prom. Even though it might not actually mean that Daphne and Tyler are in grade eleven. Although they probably are. Though if they were, in Ontario schools, that would make them seniors.

And now I’m confused.

Footnote: Daphne’s line in panel one is an homage to Ghostbusters, but in looking up that line, I discovered that Ray Stanz erroneously cites his source! He says it’s Revelation 7:12, but it’s NOT! It’s Revelation 6:12! Dude had me running on a wild goose chase. For shame, Ray. For shame.