So the deal here is that I’ve been working on background images for that bonus comic I keep working on. I had some backgrounds of scenery from my city drawn and colored but nothing that would make a good voting incentive. So I quickly drew a pic of Puck, smacked something together and the end result actually looks pretty good!


As for this comic…

A few random observations.
Random observation 1: prom DJs don’t usually look like this dude. This dude looks more like a real DJ at a real club. Prom DJs are usually a little older, a little doughier and lot less cool. But for the joke to land, this dude needed to look like a real DJ who never lived through the heyday of 90’s techno. So I fudged it a little.

Random observation 2: I turned to Google in a moment of laziness to help me come up with the names of some 90’s Eurodance bands, and I found out that Google was largely useless in this regard. It kept identifying bands like Aqua and Eiffel 65, and I started to feel like Google didn’t really know what ’90’s Eurodance’ meant. So I ended up grabbing my own collection of 90’s dance CDs (yes, I own an extensive collection) and pulling names from there. And just to prove Puck’s observation correct, I tried to Google a bunch of the band names on my CDs and came up with nothing. NOTHING. On the Internet. Even the Internet, the repository of all knowledge, has forgotten about a third of the bands on my weird 90’s dance compilation CDs. Dead tongue indeed. The ones I listed in this comic were the ones whose existence I could verify. And yes, they were all real bands or artists. And yes, I can sing you at least one song by each of them from memory.

Random observation 3: This is certainly a bit of self-insertion on my part. I am, unabashedly, a fan of 90’s Eurodance (as I am a fan of 70’s disco) and feel that modern clubs and proms just don’t know what good dance music is. I am a dance machine out of sync with time and space. Unlike Phoebe, though, I am at least aware of it and try not to embarrass myself by asking them to play music with a real beat you can dance to.