I take no responsibility for this one. This is a concept hatched by one of my fine patrons on Patreon and then promptly seconded by a few other fine patrons, so I felt compelled to draw it. I totally did not actively choose to draw this image due to its inherent fun factor. And the fact that I wanted to draw it. Totally nothing to do with me.


As for this comic…

Guys, this one almost killed me. I don’t know why, but the added stress of generating an establishing shot, combined with cars (my least favorite thing to draw) just pushed me over the edge. To give you an idea, a detailed background like the one in the first panel takes about eight to ten hours of work to generate. And that’s if everything goes well. And that’s just the first panel. That’s just the background of the first panel. I started working on the comic on Wednesday night, so … it’s been a grind.

I could have skipped an establishing shot, of course. I could have framed the entire comic from inside the car and just omitted all exterior shots. But that’s bad film-making. Okay, I’m not really making a film, but the same logic holds. Changes of location an establishing shot to clarify the shift for the viewer. Just having a character say, “Well, here we are at ‘x’ location,” from a medium shot is sloppy.

I try to be competent. But sometimes trying to be competent kills me.