You know what we’re talking about: those sexy costumes for the ladies based on concepts that have no right to be sexy. We’re doing a whole series on that for the month of October!


As for this comic…

Sometimes it’s tragic to find out how others view you.

Story time: I was in high school. It was a grade nine science class. The year was 1992. I don’t remember why, but my seat in that class was inexplicably located right within a small enclave of girls. This had never happened to me before. I was not well versed in the art of socializing with girl-types, but I did my best. And honestly, looking back on it, I think I knocked it out of the park.

I decided a good role to assume within this enclave of girls was that of the funny man. If I could keep them laughing, I knew I was doing something right. And it worked. They laughed a lot. I could tell that they liked me – not liked liked me, because that wasn’t what I was aiming for, but just in the ‘we accept your existence’ kind of social approval that was my primary goal.

Then one day one of the girls said, “You know what? You remind me of this character from this TV show. You remind me of him SO much.” Then another girl concurred. They ALL concurred. I was exactly like this character.

I hadn’t ever seen the show in question. But I was curious. So I went home and watched. It was obviously a show with a primarily female target audience. The opening theme song popped up and (as all shows did back then) a cavalcade of the characters appeared on screen, one after the other. They were all good-looking guys: hunky dreamboat after hunky dreamboat. And I wondered, “Which one of these handsome devils do I remind these girls of? Is it the blond guy? The dark-haired guy? Who?!?”

Then another character popped on the screen, and I immediately knew who it was.

The show was ‘Saved By the Bell’. And the character was Screech.

I’ve hated that show ever since.