Take a trip down memory lane as we revisit some voting incentives from previous Decembers. I DO have a new voting incentive in the pipeline for NEXT WEEK, and it’s a doozy, but it’ll take me just a little while longer to put the finishing touches on it. It will be ready for Christmas, though. Until then, I thought we could go for some reruns. This week, in order to celebrate the triumphant return of Emily the Cat Girl, we return to some festive fun with a feline flair!


As for this comic…

This is the fourth exotic fruit joke to land in the past year. I honestly tried to consider other non-fruit options. I thought about making the analogy be about a specialty exotic meats butcher, but that seemed a little … iffy. I considered a few other food-related options and none sat right. I can only conclude that my brain seems to be stuck on the possibly erroneous belief that fruit is funny. There is no harm in this, really. Though I suppose that’s what Jim Davis said after his fourth lasagna joke in Garfield. There’s a cautionary tale if ever there was one.

So I promise: no more exotic fruit jokes. Ever again. Ever. (Unless I come up with one that’s REALLY funny. Then all bets are off.)