April showers brought May flowers! And Puck!


As for this comic…

This whole concept of learning how to drive a manual by playing the Atari arcade classic Hard Drivin’ is based on real life. (I mean, of course it is. Something this stupid couldn’t be fiction.) I knew a guy in high school who needed to learn how to drive a stick shift but didn’t really have anyone willing to teach him, or a readily available manual car. So he went to the arcade and played a ridiculous amount Hard Drivin’. See, that game was a real racing simulator: it had a stick and a clutch and everything. It was quite realistic. Or as realistic as a driving game from 1989 could be, I guess.

For those who are curious how this turned out, apparently his strategy worked. Whether it will work for Colin, though, remains to be seen.

One element that requires a bit of suspension of disbelief for the comic is the very concept that Colin could even find a working Hard Drivin’ arcade cab over thirty years after its release. They’re exceedingly rare. It took some hunting for that guy I knew back in high school to find one, and that was over twenty (cough) years ago. But let’s assume that a carefully curated retro arcade emporium is just a stone’s throw from Colin. Let’s.