It’s been a hot minute, but Swimsuitember is back with a bunch of fun ice cream-based themes!


As for this comic…

Ugh. This one gave me headaches. For whatever reason, when I was nearing the end of the comic, the save corrupted. I lost a bit of work, but I’m used to this sort of nonsense, so I loaded up an earlier save. But when I went to save my progress, that save ALSO corrupted. It took me a good bit of investigation to realize that some element contained in the background of panel one was causing the problem. I never found out how to fix the situation, but by not editing panel one at all, I managed to generate a finalized comic without having the whole thing explode on me.

While this sounds awful, it’s pretty much standard fare for most digital artists. Everyone has had at least one of these nightmares. Honestly, I should count myself lucky because I was mostly able to save the comic.