It’s fresh and summery and it’s something to do with lemons or something. I dunno.


Sorry this one is going up late.

It’s been a week. Thursday morning, I decided to log into this site and check comments, as I usually do. But this time, I couldn’t log in to the back end of the site. And it wasn’t just that the site didn’t accept my login info. Rather, the entire login page was inaccessible. The website just defaulted to the main page every time.

After talking to the hosting company’s tech support, they told me that the WordPress image had somehow become corrupted. I’d done no updates or added no new features, so the ‘why’ of it was a mystery. What followed was a full 24 hours of chaos, where they were reconstructing the site from their end and I was trying to do what I could from my end. In the end, the site was restored, but the weirdness didn’t stop. Suddenly, I was unable to log into the site because my password was no longer valid. The hosting company had to go in and change it. I finally got access to the site, but when I logged in, I found a fun surprise: every single image file on the site had just been deleted. All comics, everything. The site was an endless sea of broken links.

I was able to restore the images from a backup copy of the site, and then re-upload the more recent images that were still missing, and the site was finally functioning. I can only assume that someone gained access to my WordPress profile and started ripping the site apart, because the funny stuff ended immediately when the host company changed the login. For a little while, though, it really did look like the entire website might die and never return. Such is the peril of independent website management.

Taking care of this whole thing really put me behind on a bunch of fronts, which is why this comic is going up twelve hours late. But it IS done, at least, so there’s that.