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As for this comic…

A little side note about the weird craft of comic strip storytelling:

It’s … hard. Like, really hard. It involves balancing the needs of the story and the needs of the funny, and usually one of those two is the loser. Sometimes both. Take this strip, for example. This is a prime specimen of what I call a bridge strip – one whose sole purpose is to carry us from one scenario to another. I really didn’t plan out this comic in the big scheme of the story, nor did I feel like the gag was really great, but I needed something to get us from one place to another. Something to carry us from point A to point B. In all honesty, with a longer story arc, bridge strips account for 50% of the overall comics.

This is a longwinded way of me saying that a song can’t be 100% guitar solo. Sometimes it needs a bridge.

Which is a shortwinded way of me saying that I don’t think this particular strip is very good.