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See what all the fuss is about! (It’s about drafts! And miniskirts!)

As for this comic…

Puck returns to the mall for the first time in years. (At least within the context of the comic.) Longtime readers will note a few Easter eggs relating to the previous mall storyline. The Cinnabomb is now open, you’ll note, though it’s a bit ironic given the fact that now Puck is in svelte blonde mode and wouldn’t touch the damn things with a ten-foot pole.

There’s a graphic on the wall of the Cinnabomb that reads ‘Say YES to calories!’ but (as is always the case with this stuff) the words are totally obscured in the final image. Oh well.

Phoebe is, I suppose, being uncharacteristically cynical in this comic, but I felt it made sense – mainly because I strongly suspect that she speaks from experience on this particular matter.