This month brings us Puck in a decidedly different style. Vote to see the cast as they would appear in OTHER comic strips!


As for this comic…

No talking! Except in the comments. You can talk in the comments.

On other fronts, I really do hope people are doing okay in this crazy time with the whole macaroni virus thing going on. I’m at home now because it’s technically my vacation, but I’ll be off for another few weeks at least because schools are closed. I had a trip to France that we cancelled. The local grocery store is almost empty. Rough times, I gotta say. Everyone is healthy, though (touch wood) and on the positive end, I now have lots of extra time to work on the comic! So you get another new voting incentive pic!

Seriously, though, the comic continues unabated, and if I can offer even a moment of respite from the nuttiness of the world right now, I’ll consider my efforts worth it.

Keep well, keep safe and share the toilet paper.