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As for this comic…

Yes, Phoebe’s hair is changing. Slightly.

I’ve heard from readers for a while now that they find Phoebe’s hair choice … puzzling. More specifically, I’ve heard readers questioning the bangs, and the placement of the clip and the bangs, and whether she actually has any hair up front, or whether she has a receding hairline, and ENOUGH!

True story: I invented Phoebe’s hair style almost twenty years ago now, and designed it mainly as a somewhat abstracted visual shorthand. It really doesn’t make sense. When I restarted the comic in 2011, I decided to keep the bangs and the hair clip out of fear that changing would make Phoebe less like Phoebe. Fast forward to 2016: I’m more confident with the character models, and, as my wife so aptly put it, “Bangs everywhere have had their day.”

So a change.

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