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As for this comic…


Second, let me offer a fourfold defence for those who would like to kill me right now:

1) It is my humble opinion that every show, comic or other long-form story project is allowed one extended dream sequence. ONE dream sequence. No more. No less. That means that I shall never pull the ‘It was all a dream!’ thing again. Ever. Scout’s honor.

2) Let it be known that unlike most ‘dream sequence’ narratives, this one was planned from the very beginning as a dream sequence, and it actually will have some potentially lasting relevance to the story at large, and will affect Puck as a character. That’s (to my mind) the most annoying element of a dream sequence narrative: that it nullifies the events that unfolded. Well here, the events and their significance do have somesignificance … for Puck, at least.

3) I feel like this was a somewhat blatantly obvious dream sequence, in all honesty. That’s not an excuse for it, really, but I don’t feel like I falsely advertising too hard here. I mean, people have been screaming in the comments section that it was a dream sequence since this story arc began, and guess what? They were right.

4) If you still want to kill me, at least you get to see Phoebe in her ridiculously skimpy nightie. See? You can’t stay mad at me, right? (In fact, the original draft of that panel had her wearing an even skimpier version of it, which after I colored it just looked insanely skimpy, so I had to alter it. If you want to see the original super-skimpy version, you’ll have to head on over to Patreon to check it out HERE.

And if you still want to kill me, I’ll understand.